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Buy propecia without prescription can result in serious side effects, including blood clots. Propecia and Viagra are widely used for treating erectile dysfunction. While there are no drug treatment trials that have looked at the specific blood pressure effects of the medications, scientists have hypothesized that the drugs cause an increase in blood pressure. The What does compound dexamethasone acetate cream do current study follows a previous on blood pressure changes by the same team that looked at blood pressure after women taking either the active ingredient in levonorgestrel-containing implants or the inactive ingredient were exposed to a mild temperature shock. One of the study's authors, Thomas Zandbergen, a professor in the Department of Population Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, said that the study was largest to examine the effects of taking a combination the two medications separately. Other studies on the drug combination have looked at the blood pressure changes from a single dose in individuals whose blood pressure is already elevated. The new study combined two trials, measuring blood pressure between groups of patients who were exposed for 10 weeks to the different levels of medications. "The important message is not that there an increased risk of hypertension in either the contraceptive methods with proton-pump inhibitors," Zandbergen said, "but rather that blood pressure has to be considered a secondary outcome to sexual function and overall health." The study looked at 20,000 women who were randomly assigned to take either levonorgestrel-containing implants and progesterone-containing contraceptives during the eight weeks of study and 10,500 women who were given proton-pump inhibitors alone. The women were asked to answer questions about their sexual intercourse, mood, and other psychological factors. They were also asked if suffered from symptoms such as weight gain, tiredness, or frequent