BACKGROUND: The Water Conservation Areas (WCAs) are integral components of the Everglades and the water supply for southeast Florida. The 862,800-acre WCAs comprise about half of the Everglades. The WCAs help recharge wellfields, prevent flooding of the urban southeast coast, provide protection for the natural ecosystem and provide about one-fourth of the water for Everglades National Park.

The WCAs are rich in fish and wildlife resources and provide excellent recreational opportunities. The Florida panther, Everglades kite, wood stork, American alligator, and whitetailed deer are only a few of the notable species that inhabit the WCAs.

The plan for protecting the WCAs is to acquire the remaining lands not in public ownership (approximately 62,653 acres), restore more natural hydrology, remove exotic vegetation and' protect water quality by implementing the Florida Everglades Forever Act of 1994.

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